Klimosz Ling Duo

LING DUO is an automatic two-furnace boiler, adapted for automatic burning of solid fuels, such as pea grade coal, pellets and – as substitution – oats grain (oats grain only in 15-35 kW boilers), and for “manual” burning of fuel in larger pieces (wood, hard coal, waste paper). The boiler is made of high quality 8 mm thick steel and fitted with a modern and easy-to-operate boiler regulator Recalart Economic Premium. Tests carried out on the boiler at the “OTGS” Institute of Power Engineering, Łodź, have proved its high efficiency, which may even be as high as 89%, and low emissions of noxious substances. LING DUO boilers with the power capacity of 15, 25 and 35 kW have been unified as one version, which in practical terms means that the storage tank can be switched from the right to the left side.

5-year warranty for the exchanger and 2-year warranty for the boiler accessories

Cost-effective operation and high efficiency

Boiler made from 8mm steel

Automatic feeding and burning solid fuel

Automatic water safety system

Ceramic catalysts

Wide power range

Advantages of the Recalart Economic Premium boiler regulator

Rotary burner (additional option)

Advantages of a Ling Duo boiler:
  • Automatic feeding and burning solid fuel.
  • Storage tanks with the capacity of 185, 280, 320 and 920 litres
  • Low level of noxious substances in exhaust gases.
  • New generation regulator - Recalart Economic Premium
  • Possibility of regulating return water temperature by controlling the 4-way valve (actuator)
  • The boiler exchanger made of high quality construction metal sheets

Advantages of the Recalart Economic Premium boiler regulator:

  • A simple and clear descriptive menu
  • Possibility of the boiler or the system operating in weather mode
  • Possibility of connecting a room thermostat (by cable or by radio)
  • Handling the central heating or domestic hot water pump
  • The boiler can handle two heater circulations (3-way and 4-way valve actuators)
  • Regulation of the boiler return water temperature
  • Temperature regulation of the operation of the boiler, system, central heating, domestic hot water and floor heating.
  • Quick and easy access to sensors
  • Optional use of an exhaust sensor
  • PID Burner modulation
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