Bio Ling Duo 15/25 kW

Price - 2795,00 LVL

BIO LING DUO is a fully automatic heater boiler, adapted for automatic and conventional burning of solid fuel. In the automatic mode, it can burn biomass, especially pellets. The upper, “manual” burning chamber is adapted for burning wood or coal in larger pieces from time to time. The boiler is fitted with a modern and easy-to-operate boiler regulator with over 30 functions, including weather automatics as well as the possibility of fitting in a room thermostat. In order to mount the boiler in a closed heating system, the requirements set out in the boiler instruction manual have to be met. A BIO LING DUO boiler should be used for operating pressures of up to 1.5 bar.

5-year warranty for the exchanger and 2-year warranty for the boiler accessories

Cost-effective operation and high efficiency

Boiler made from 8mm steel

Automatic and manual mode

Wide power range

Ceramic catalysts

Automatic ignition and extinguishing the Speedfire burner

New generation regulator



  • Automatic boiler operation;
  • Full modulation of the burner power
  • Automatic ignition and extinguishing the Speedfire burner;
  • Operation in weather mode and summer mode (domestic hot water only);
  • Return water temperature regulation capability by controlling the 4-way valve actuator;
  • Possibility of connecting a room thermostat (by cable or by radio)
  • Possibility of burning larger pieces of wood or coal on an additional, emergency burner;
  • Simple and quick operation and maintenance
  • Cost-effective operation;
  • Low level of noxious substances in exhaust gases.
  • New generation regulator which controls the operation of the (2 heating cycles + domestic hot water)
  • High efficiency.

Advantages of a Klimosz Speedfire® burner and a Recalart Economic Bio regulator

  • Automatic operation of the burner (automatic fuel dispensing, air blow, removal of ash and possible sinters) without having to change the fuel dispensing settings. The burner itself selects the power depending on the difference between the boiler and the set temperature.
  • Automatic ignition and extinguishing of the burner – the burner self-ignites and self-extinguishes after the set temperature of domestic hot water and heating water has been reached. Each time after the burner is extinguished, it is also cleaned, i.e. in the final phase of fuel burning, air is blown through at maximum speed.
  • Water temperature setting at the boiler outlet and inlet (a 4-way mixing valve);
  • Temperature setting and automatic domestic water heating – possibility of switching on the absolute, conditional priority and setting the time of heating water pump blockade while domestic water heating;
  • Operation in the winter, weather or summer (only domestic water heating) or AUTO (setting the average summer/winter switching temperature) mode;
  • Possibility of connecting a room thermostat (by cable or by radio). The room thermostat controls the operation of a circulation pump or, if an actuator is installed, a 4-way valve; signalling the boiler operation switch-off by the thermostat on the boiler display.
  • Warning light signalling of emergency states;
  • Warning light signalling when it is necessary to clean the boiler – BOILER CLEANING function; i.e., reminder of the necessity for cleaning the heat exchange surface in the boiler.
  • Automatic switching from manual to automatic burning – INTELIGENT® function; the possibility of burning in an emergency combustion chamber in 2 modes. Or in the manual mode and the boiler is extinguished when the fuel runs out. Or in the manual mode and the boiler ignites the pellet burner itself when the temperature drops below the value set on the regulator. Manual operation signal on the boiler display.
  • Setting the blower by changing its rotation rate in the regulator;
  • Separate settings for pellet burning and for the manual mode.
  • Resetting the factory settings – RESET function

Technical data:

power range: 7,5 - 25 kW

weight: 450 kg

water volume: 90 L

flue diameter: 145 mm

storage bin volume: 290 L

efficiency: 91 %

maximum working pressure: 2,5 bar

optimal working temperature: 65-80

minimum working temperature: 55

chimney draught: 15 - 20 Pa

electric voltage: 1 PEN ~ 50 Hz 230 V TN - S